Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot pink bollywood beet sauce

Here's how to make a quick and tasty beet-yogurt sauce to complement the preceeding red lentil & sweet potato stew. First ask your guy to go get you some chives from the garden. Do not be surprised when he comes back holding just a few sad, teeny pieces. Just send him back for more. Mince one tablespoon each: sweet onion, chives and parsley.Get one teeny tiny beet. See? It really is wee. If you don't have a tiny beet just use part of a regulation-sized one. Peel said tiny beet and shred it into 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. Mix in the chives, parsley and sweet onion. Add salt and pepper to taste plus the juice from half a lemon.
Mix well, watch it go all hot pink, and set aside until it's time to eat. This sauce is great for many things actually--anywhere you need a tangy lift and a hot pink pop of color.

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