Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pina coladas en fuego

The kitchen is still under renovation. It's driving us to drink. We made some yummy pina coladas because all it needs is a blender (afterward it can so easily be washed in the bathtub!). Basic city--for each drink it's just 3 parts pineapple juice to one part each white rum and coconut cream, plus lots of ice to blend. We tried it with a few twists--for example used fresh pineapple chunks instead of juice. It's a lot less sweet that way, which is a good or bad thing, depending on what you're looking for in a ridiculous fruity cocktail.And here's the firestarter--2 healthy pinches of ancho chile powder per drink. You could also make a rim for the glasses by mixing sugar and a little of the chile powder and that would be super fancy and yummy. But I have no kitchen, so I didn't do anything cool that would create extra dirty dishes. But the thought behind the en fuego part of these pina coladas was how delicious spiced dried mango and pineapple are--I thought it would translate nicely to a frozen drink and kind of chill out the sweetness a little bit.
Yeah, the blender is on the floor. In the bedroom. No kitchen.
But you know what? We can still enjoy a fruity cocktail. So it's not that bad. Sprinkle a little more chile powder on the top before serving.