Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whole roasted garlic

The world's most simple and perfect appetizer! Just lop off the top of a head of garlic, rub it with olive oil and let it roast itself into a creamy, mellow spread for crostini. Slice off the top quarter of a head of garlic. By the way, for the record I definitely should have used a bigger head of garlic because this got eaten in record time. Sadly my garlic was guilty of green sprouts. I was too lazy to pick them out and actually I don't think it matters for this. Rub it all over with olive oil... Then put in a little oven-safe container and sprinkle on salt and pepper. Pour over a splash of white wine.Put a slab of butter on top (look, it makes its own hat!) and a tablespoon of so of minced parsley. Roast at 375 for about 45 minutes until each clove is totally soft. Put it on your favorite fish-shaped plate and enjoy. It will be spreadable and creamy with a perfectly mellow, nutty flavor. Be sure to eat the wine-olive oil-butter sauce it roasted in too!

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