Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My old kitchen

Now that I'm in my new house, I thought I'd just share a few pictures from the kitchen I cooked in for the life of this blog so far. I am planning to remodel the kitchen in this new house and I think a lot of the customizations will probably reflect my old kitchen--especially in the respect it paid to the sanctity of the work triangle. For such a small space it really was absolutely perfect. Except for the stove. The stove was tilty.Here is where I had many pots hanging right over the sink...great for putting away easily. Also all my knives...and a devotional candle to Saint Martha(Stewart). This is where people usually ate when they came over for dinner...right next to the stove! I loved that, actually. In my new kitchen the stove will definitely face out towards guests and be a part of the social environment. Maybe with a little more room this time...Of course, a poster of the God of Cookery hung over the whole place, being my all-time favorite movie.An overflowing bookshelf, with favorite cookbooks and cooking literature...Next to an overflowing recycling bin...And my overflowing spice pantry.I will really miss this place! I'll just give my thanks for many good years and be excited to move on to something new...

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