Thursday, June 26, 2008

Radishes and summer salad

This is a really quick post in favor of radishes. They're pretty! I bought a beautiful bunch of candy-colored radishes...even though they are not the total spectacle of my all-time favorite (the now-out-of-season springtime watermelon radishes from Morningside Farmers Market), these were pretty lovely in their own right.They can be really dramatic looking.Those white ones are from the same bunch, which is some crazy plant genetics. They're a little more mild in flavor too. There were also some gorgeous light purple ones in this bunch.So what did I do with these radishes anyway? They ended up in a green salad composed of baby lettuce, goat cheese, golden raisins, pistachios and tossed in lemon-olive oil vinaigrette.

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Anonymous said...

i love radishes! did you ever notice how most radishes these days are short on spiciness? FINALLY this week, we found some nice heirloom radishes at the farmer's market that have appropriate spiciness to be called "radish" in my book. now you just need to convince j that salad tongs are a worthwhile investment.