Saturday, June 21, 2008


A quick post on one of my favorite vegetables that is now in season and widely available at farmer's markets. Kohlrabi is a weird looking alien vegetable that happens to be delicious. It's pale green and has a wonderful flavor sort of like broccoli stalks. Since the stalks are my favorite part of broccoli and broccoli is my favorite vegetable, it makes sense that I like kohlrabi. You'd think I could just cut out the middle man and make kohlrabi my favorite vegetable instead, but I guess I'm just full of surprises.
I prepare kohlrabi very simply--just trim off any greens, cut them in half, peel the halves, then slice them up into little half-moons. I then steam the pieces in my vegetable steamer over a little bit of water--you can just use a pot with a tight-fitting lid over boiling water if you don't have a steamer handy. When they are steamed tender but not squishy soft (about 5 minutes) drain them well and toss with a pat of butter and salt and pepper. Delicious and simple.

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