Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ginger maple float

One night we were seriously craving an ice cream special of some kind but didn't have a ton of classic soda fountain stuff around the house. Ginger beer left over from some Dark and Stormys, a teeny bit of vanilla ice cream plus a couple other pantry staples...voila. This float is not super sweet and that's a good thing. First step--find a nice, spicy ginger beer. This one was good. We also made it with a Caribbean brand that kicked ass but I can't remember the name, boo. You need a little less than 1 bottle for each float.Oh Trader Maple Joes. I'm almost out of you. But it's OK because for this recipe we only need a little drizzle of maple syrup per float.You also need 2 pieces of crystallized ginger per float. Cut a little slit in one of the pieces.And mince the other piece up into teeny little sprinkles for on top.One small scoop vanilla ice cream in your pint glass. By the way, Phil felt this was not sufficient ice cream. It is the perfect amount for me though, so I think it varies widely by float-consumer.Pour over ginger beer...And a drizzle of maple syrup, then fill all the way up so it's all foamy. Drizzle a little more maple syrup on top for decoration and extra sweetness.Pop the slice of ginger with the slit over the edge of the glass and sprinkle on the chopped pieces.Lookin' good.It's super creamy and just the right amount of spicy-sweet.

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