Sunday, August 29, 2010

Still waiting for my kitchen...

Not having a kitchen while renovation goes on is extremely tough! We spent a weekend away from our demolished house in a beautiful little cabin in Blue Ridge, was just the right place to escape demolition dust and get a chance to cook. No new recipes, just a little weekend fun. We went into Blue Ridge and got peach-jalapeno-pecan jelly to eat with a yummy, buttery Bergenost cheese from Buck's meat and cheese shop. The view was also delicious. The first night we didn't realize how long it would take to drive up the mountain to find our cabin...going about 5 mph around twisty turns makes for a long 10 miles. Gorgeous as it was, after that there was just no way we wanted to turn around and drive back down to the cute little town for dinner, like we had planned. Fortunately we had brought really great sourdough bread and some butter and so we just holed up and made grilled pimento cheese sandwiches. But they ended up being the best grilled pimento cheese sandwiches of all time. Maybe the fact that we were starving had something to do with it. We brought plenty of vinho verde and a bottle of rum from friends, so we were set for that night at least.Some beautiful little potatoes from the remarkably inexpensive Blue Ridge farmers market (with just olive oil, salt and a handful of rosemary I stole from a pot on the main street) went right on the grill...With a perfect ribeye steak and some peppers. I'm so bummed that I'm missing this harvest time of year! Late summer-early fall produce is my favorite. I'll make up for lost kitchen time next year.

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