Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pizza varia

Not a recipe here, this was just some random pizza action that happened on Saturday night that I wanted to share with y'all. I was feeling cheap, overworked and lazy--a magical combination that usually results in refrigerator roulette. I made some pizza dough (takes about 1 hour to rise, using about 5 cents worth of flour, salt and yeast) and scrounged the fridge for leftovers to stick on top. Funny thing was, there really wasn't enough of any one thing to make a whole pizza so I ended up splitting the dough into 4 small pieces for 4 incredibly eclectic pizzas. There was just enough pizza sauce leftover from last week to cover 3 of them so the last one ended up being a white pizza. That one was spectacular--I plan to make it again soon for a party appetizer. Figs soaked in brown sugar and balsamic vinegar with a thin layer of prosciutto plus goat cheese and rosemary scattered all over the top. Yes.Another one had small cubes of teriyaki flavored tofu...I covered it with cheese and pickled jalapenos. It baked alongside the goat cheese one and came out pretty awesome.Another one was pretty normal: pepperoni, chopped stuffed green olives and sundried tomatoes. Here's my pizza stone in action.And I wanted a pineapple one, but all I had was about a 1/2 cup of leftover pineapple-cheese casserole from my office Thanksgiving potluck. You may recall this involves Ritz crackers, butter and cheddar cheese. Did I put it on my pizza? Yes I did. Avec prosciutto and hot red pepper flakes. So in conclusion: don't leave the house ever again! No need! Just make pizza out of everything languishing in the fridge. As long as you have some beer on hand, you, too, can embrace the hermit/law school final exams lifestyle! This now concludes today's Il Piatto PSA.

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