Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fried chickpeas with rosemary

Here is the perfect crunchy/salty/aromatic snack--fried ceci with rosemary and sea salt! Chickpeas go through an amazing transformation when rolled around in hot oil--they develop a lovely crispy shell enveloping a nutty, creamy bite inside. Add some coarse salt and pungent rosemary and you have the perfect cocktail nibble for before dinner. And you can totally use canned chickpeas, I don't judge.Drain one can and rinse them well. Be sure to dry them off thoroughly because you'll be popping them in hot oil and want to minimize your splattering.Heat up 3 tablespoons olive oil in a heavy pan until it makes that crispy sound when you drop a chickpea into it. Add your dried off chickpeas and stir them around gently until they develop nice brown bits all over (you're not making hot hummus here, so don't mash them!). This takes about 5 minutes, but keep an eye on them so they don't burn up over the high heat.After they're nice and crispy, add in about 2 healthy sprigs worth of chopped fresh rosemary and keep frying.Toss them once with a liberal tablespoon of coarse salt (kosher or sea salt in big flakes), then set out for your guests while still a little bit warm.Make sure everyone has a glass of wine or a cocktail. That's just good advice in general though.

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