Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Rooster chicken

I thought it would be interesting to show a work in progress for once, instead of a recipe that I feel totally confident in. A couple weeks ago I read a good article in the New York Times about Sriracha sauce and decided I wanted to try making a glaze for chicken. This will work really well on grilled chicken--the version I tried out here was roasted in the oven and basted with the sauce. It was tasty but I think glazing grilled chicken pieces (or better yet, a whole chicken on the grill) with this sauce would be even better. I whisked together Sriracha sauce with brown sugar, soy sauce, a little minced ginger and garlic.Brushed this over my chicken as it roasted in the oven...After it was fully roasted (thigh temperature at 170 degrees, which takes about 1 hour or so for a small bird in a 400 degree oven), I added one more coat of sauce then squeezed lime juice over everything as I sliced it.It makes a delicious, tangy, spicy bird done this way, but I plan to refine this further for the grill.

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