Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas cookies with Mel

Over the weekend I went to Melanie's house to make christmas cookies...which really meant I occasionally helped out but mostly just got in her way taking pictures and drinking wine while she did all the work. Baking is just not my strong suit, but it is definitely Melanie's so I am happy to take her direction. She wanted to make pecan snowballs, lemon-glazed shortbreads and ginger chocolate chunk bars, the recipes for which may all be found here.

You can tell Mel is a baker because she has one of these handy.By the way, this is how you roll a snowball in Georgia...I did actually make the logs of dough for the shortbreads. Last night Mel and I discussed the possibility of rolling the dough into an oval-shaped log, slicing them a bit more thick, then dipping in different pastel-colored icings to make Easter egg shortbread cookies. File that idea away for April 2009...Greyhounds felt rather left out, I think.Meanwhile, the snowballs got baked and coated in powder sugar.These ginger bars were really incredible--extremely rich, so Mel eventually cut them into tiny squares.Not bad work for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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