Thursday, October 30, 2008

Herby goat cheese-arugula omelet

This is one of those quick, cheatery recipes that I am not sure are even worth posting on, but maybe you’ll find it delicious. It’s great for a morning that just needs something more exciting for breakfast and when you don’t feel like going out, like, say, maybe the morning after a long day of beer festival attendance, parade watching and pumpkin carving. It’s very “hmm, what’s in the fridge?” I had just 4 eggs left, so that’s how many went into this—it’s obviously pretty flexible for more or less though.

Beat 4 eggs with about 1/3 cup of milk, a pinch of salt and plenty of fresh ground black pepper. Get a pan hot with 1 tablespoon butter in it and when it melts, toss in at least a cup (but more if you have it lying around) arugula and sauté in the butter until it wilts. Remove the arugula and add another 1 tablespoon of butter (yes, it’s buttery, but you need it with your hangover) to melt over medium-high heat. When that’s melted, turn the heat down to medium and pour in your beaten egg mixture. Let it set for 1 minute, then arrange the arugula and a handful of the crumbled herby goat cheese leftover from last night’s party on one half. When the bottom has set, tip your pan and gently fold over the empty side of the egg mixture over the top of your arugula and cheese.Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out, you can always moosh it together or scramble it at the last moment and it will still taste great. It’s very forgiving. After another 2 minutes, poke at it to see if you like the consistency—I always like my scrambled eggs and omelets kind of on the hard side, even with browned bits. It’s very un-chic. But eggs are very much personal, so if you like them wobbly and pale, just take them off sooner than I would, which is probably more like a full, unforgivable, 5 minutes. Cut in half, if you are sharing, and serve immediately.


Anonymous said...

i dub it: the Elitist Omelet! or perhaps the Obamlet.

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