Monday, November 13, 2006

Simple roasted chicken & brussels sprouts

There is something appropriate about chicken on Sunday evenings. Only a couple key differences from the one I made a few weeks ago, but it reflects an interestingly increased amount of laziness.

Cranked oven up to 450 degrees and allowed to preheat somewhat. Salted and peppered both sides of a 6 pound chicken and placed it breast-side down in a roasting rack set over a pan. Roasted for 15 minutes, flipped it over and roasted for another 15 minutes at same high heat. Flipped again, basted, got spattered with hot chicken grease, cursed, and reduced heat to 350 degrees. Flipped again after 20 minutes, basting every so often, then again flipped the bird, let roast for 30 minutes. Flipped just once more to breast-side up and turned oven up to 425 for 5 minutes to give final browning to top. Removed and set on cutting board to reabsorb juices.

Trimmed somewhat less than a pound of brussels sprouts, cut "x" into stems to facilitate cooking. Steamed until mostly cooked through, about 8-10 minutes, then set aside. Poured all liquid chicken grease & juice out of bottom of roasting pan and reserved. Added the pre-steamed sprouts to pan and tossed with delicious browned bits and residual chicken fat. Salted & peppered sprouts lightly and returned pan to oven at 500 degrees, tossing frequently for about 5 minutes. Brussels sprouts emerged a bit caramelized and very well flavored.

Toasted 3 cloves of minced garlic in 1 tablespoon butter with some of reserved chicken fat. Added 1 cup large pearl couscous. Browned everything together, added 2 cups chicken stock, brought to boil, covered and reduced to simmer. After all liquid absorbed, removed from heat, added 2 tablespoons minced parsley, stirred and covered again until everything else was ready to eat.

Brian has never been particularly fond of brussels sprouts, but enjoyed these, pointing out that it is all about preparation. For my part, I have just found out that they are called "brussels sprouts" rather than "brussel sprouts." They must be from Brussels. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


nico said...

mmm, mmm. brussels sprouts. i eat them all... with a quickness.

limnogirl said...

hi carla-
Betsy alerted me to your food blog. And now I am totally jealous of: your ambition in the kitchen, use of squash and brussels sprouts ideas.
And if I ever find prosciutto in Northern Maine, I am all over it. :)
Kate (aka betsy's older sis)

Anonymous said...

i think the "x" bit isn't really necessary. and who gave you the authority to move Brussels to Austria?

biotecchie said...

Tonight I had chicken scallopini and brussel sprouts with caramelized chestnuts - both from Whole Foods - and I am absolutely certain that they are not as good as what you describe.

carla said...

I have no idea where Brussels is. Seriously. It might be Austria or it might be Australia.